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Welcome! We have experienced electrician offers various type of electrical works including electrical installation, wiring and troubleshooting in Kuala Lumpur area.

Eating dinner by candlelight by choice is romantic. Having to do so because there’s a problem with your home’s electrical system is not. At ADE Electrician, we want you to have this choice, so call us whenever you have an electrical issue.

We’ll send a skilled electrical technician to light up your home and make sure the power comes back. We love seeing our clients’ smiling faces when we’re finished.

  • Provide the top quality work at a cheap rate.
  • Best recommended with good reviews.
  • Reliable emergency electrical services.

  • We served 960 happy customers since 2011
  • Last 2 months, we help 38 customers solve their electrical problems
  • Reliable follow-up services within 7 days.
  • Our lead electrician has more than 15 years of experience.
  • We cover all type of electrical installation and house wiring.

On-Site Checking Fee

We charge RM 50 for on-site checking fee. If you accept our quotation, RM 50 will be waived

  • - Siew Min
    We get them to do socket extension at our Kitchen. Everything is good! Thank you.
    - Siew Min
  • - KB Chong
    The technician, Keat is friendly and experience. Price is reasonable too.
    - KB Chong
  • - Kathy
    Call up to ask for a water heater installation. They came on time and get the thing done within 2 hours. They also clean up the mess once done. Nice!
    - Kathy

Our Works

We are a full range electrical contractor knows and trusts. Whether you need a general electrical contractor, KL, or an electrical installation contractor, we fit the bill.

The services we offer include:

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Why You Should Never DIY on Electrical Projects

There’s a big DIY community these days. Getting a hold of the right electrical parts is simple. Finding out how to install them is even simpler — all you need to do is to head over to YouTube. If you’re pretty handy, you might think that you could save yourself a packet of money.

When it comes to DIY in your home or office, stick to paving your garden or building a table. Steer clear of projects that entail the installation of any electrical components, like installing a ceiling fan.

Why? Electricity is dangerous. If you mess up a woodworking project, the worst that could happen is that the project falls apart. If you mess up an electrical project, you risk electrocuting yourself and potentially starting an electrical fire.

Besides which, many electrical projects must be installed by licensed professionals to ensure all legal affairs are covered. This means that if you ever want to sell your home, and your DIYing is not up to scratch, you’re going to need to call us in to fix it. Save yourself some time and let us handle it.

Why Choose Us

ADE Electrician is a small company that is big on service. It’s owner-managed and operated, meaning that every project is led by an electrician with twelve years of experience. By keeping the team to just five people, we can ensure that every job is done to our exacting standards.

We employ only the best and ensure that our employees have the same fanatical devotion to customer service that we do. If you call us, we will get the job done correctly, on time and on budget.

Our motto is simple - We treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves. That means we look at the situation from what’s best for you. We will not recommend expensive upgrades or unnecessary repairs just to line our pockets.

Since your satisfaction is our priority, you can always trust the advice that we give you. You’ll not only keep coming back when you need work done, but you’ll also refer your friends and relatives.

Let Us Help You Now!

If you want the best electrical contractor has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. We make sure that our clients are not only delighted but never left in the dark again. Check us out and experience the difference for yourself.

We’re dying to be of service to you, so give us a call today to get started.

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    ❓Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes. We offer 30 days of workmanship warranty and follow-up services within 7 days. Click the link above to contact us.

    ❓What type of works offer by you?

    We offer a full range of electrical services include installation of light, ceiling fan, water heater, power socket and electrical switches. We also cover electrical wiring, system checks and troubleshooting. Click the link above to contact us.

    ❓Why choose ADE Electrician? ☑️

    ADE Electrician is a small company that is big on service. It’s owner-managed and operated, meaning that an electrician leads every project with 12 years of experience. By keeping the team to just five people, we can ensure that every job is done to our exacting standards. Click the link above to contact us.

    ❓Is there any onsite checking fee?

    Yes. We charge RM 30 for onsite checking fee. If you accept our quotation, RM 30 will be waived. Click the link above to contact us.

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